[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (2024)

As you join the post-apocalyptic world of 7 Days To Die, it is important to remember the many tools at your disposal. One of which is map seeds!

Map seeds are an excellent way to pinpoint which resources and structures you wish to be included in your new map.

Map seeds are used to randomly generate new biomes, resources, buildings, and cities.

To use a map seed, simply enter the seed name (case sensitive) into the "world generation seed" box and set the game world to "new random world."

15. Dexterra (Seed Number: 277501873)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (1)

Look at all those biomes

Dexterra is an excellent seed if you enjoy biomes that are spread out with very little snow.

  • Large evenly sectioned terrain surrounded by a massive body of water.
  • Plenty of large cities full of great loot.
  • Water appears to be scarce, the closer you move to the center of the map.

14. HANDOFFATE (Seed Number: 10848888)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (2)

Terrible businesspartners

For all you master survivalists out there, HANDOFFATE provides an extra challenge for those willing to brave its harsh biomes.

  • The majority of this seed map is made up of the burnt forest, and wasteland biomes.
  • A strip of pine forest backed to the snow provides an excellent place to set up a base.
  • Plenty of easy to reach water sources dot the map.
  • Only a small sliver of desert can be found at the far southern end of this map.

13. Hong Kong (Seed Number: 1763602093)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (3)

Hong Kong map generation

Hong Kong is a great map seed, especially if you enjoy the pine forest and desert biomes. Hong Kong has plenty of wide-open spaces and green!

  • Hong Kong contains one large city and several smaller settlements.
  • A single roadway somewhat interconnects all of the cities and towns.
  • Water sources appear to be spread out, but common.

12. Hannina ( Seed Number: 18611239199)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (4)

A whole lotta green

Hannina is an excellent map for those who love both, being hunted by wandering lumberjacks (which are native to the snowy regions) and those who find themselves more comfortable with the greenery of the Pine Forests.

  • Two traders can be located closely along the snow's borders, just inside the pine forest biome.
  • A few military bases can be found peppered throughout this seed map.
  • Plenty of lakes and rivers can also be found here.

11. blunderbus ( Seed Number: 2073420144)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (5)

blunderbus map generation

Whether you enjoy the blazing desert-scapes, the wolf infested forests, or the eerie wastelands, blunderbus is a lovely seed map with a wide variety of biomes and cities from which to choose!

  • Blunderbus is made up primarily of the pine forest, desert, and wasteland biome.
  • It has several large settlements interconnected, mostly by one roadway.
  • Both the snow and burnt forest are quite smaller compared to the rest of the maps' biomes.

10. Afterlife (Seed Number: 1277844790)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (6)

Watch out for bloated tourists

Made up of primarily the pine forest, desert, and wasteland biomes, Afterlife provides a great variety of terrain and resources.

  • Afterlife contains two massive cities partially in the winter and forest biomes.
  • Many settlements and unique structures can be found in the surrounding cities and towns.
  • The snow and burnt forest biomes only make up a small portion of this map and contain fewer towns and cities.

9. lottaloot ( Seed Number: 352441400)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (7)

Time to trade in those old Duke's Tokens for some awesome loot

Aptly named for the abundance of loot that can be found in its many cities, lottaloot is an excellent map seed for those that love exploring large cities and towns.

  • lootaloot is a very mountainous map.
  • Also home to many traders.
  • Plenty of nearby water and mining resources.

8. A18b155 ( Seed Number: 187896039)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (8)

Cruising through the forest

A1b155 is a great map for those who prefer the warm climate of the desert or those who occasionally enjoy exploring the themed towns of the wild west. Just remember to watch out for snakes!

  • The desert and forest biomes dominate this map seed, making up over half of the terrain.
  • Two large cities with high rise buildings can be found in the pine forest biome.
  • At least one trader can be found in the forest and desert biomes.

7. Greenland ( Seed Number: 1276328956)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (9)

Exploring the greenery of the forest

As you might have guessed, this seed map is teaming with thick green forests.

  • Greenland is home to a few large cities, as well as several towns and many lone structures.
  • Plenty of rivers and lakes can be found throughout this map as well.
  • Unique buildings such as the “Bear Bar” can be found in a few of the cities.

6. IceFire ( Seed Number: 1936975455)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (10)

Exploring abandoned structures

If you love scavenging, the vast collections of towns that make up most of IceFire's map seed might just be for you.

  • Many towns and cities are located in the pine forest biome.
  • Skyscrapers can be found in the bigger cities.
  • Plenty of nearby traders.

5. a beautiful day to die ( Seed Number: 1979277289)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (11)

Wrong turn

Another well-divided map when it comes to its biomes locations, a beautiful day to die, is a great map seed, especially for those who can't decide which biome they like best.

  • A central strip of pine forest to the North makes for an excellent spot to set up a base.
  • A fair amount of the snow biome can be found in the northernmost corner of the map, just above the pine forest.
  • The land is diverse and rich with resources like water, game, lootable structures, and ore veins.

4. Sparta ( Seed Number: 2116040353)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (12)

Well, that's unfortunate

If you are looking for large amounts of lush green forests and barren wastelands, this is a great map seed.

  • Five traders can be located relatively close together on the Northeastern side of the map.
  • Sizable cities and towns can be found throughout each biome.
  • Snow only makes up a small portion of this map.

3. dieanotherday (1984337917)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (13)

Dinner time

Primarily made up of pine forest and the desert biome, dieanotherday is teaming with precious resources such as water, huntable game, and lootable structures.

  • Four large cities can be found in the forest biome.
  • As well as two large cities can be located in the desert.
  • Plenty of water can be found in most biomes.

2. Wonderland (1229878968)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (14)

Preparations for the blood moon

A little more deadly than Alice's world of white rabbits and painted roses, Wonderland provides just enough of a challenge as you brave the harsh elements of the winter, wastelands, burnt forest, and desert biomes.

  • Plenty of flat land for building an excellent base from the ground up.
  • Constant and steady water supplies can be found in most biomes.
  • Many small towns and cities.

1. NITROGEN (1088800120)

[Top 15] 7 Days To Die Best Seeds (15)

Who needs the desert

If you are looking for biomes that overlap one another a bit more and can be found in more than just one location on the map, NITROGEN is a great map seed!

  • One large city can be found in the wastelands, burnt forest, and pine forest biomes.
  • Small pieces of the burnt forest biome can be found overlapping into the forest and wastelands.
  • Only a small sliver of desert can be found in the Northeastern corner of the map.

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