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Feb 2, 2020

Whether you’re into Reddit or not, if you’re a multimonitor fan then you’ve probably come across the /r/battlestations subreddit.

Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (3)

It’s the subreddit where gamers, day traders, and just about anybody else with an elaborate computer setup comes to post pictures of their ‘battlestation’ — which in normal / non-gamer parlance translates to ‘workstation’ (the ‘battle’ appendage refers to the fact that these workstations are often used for gaming).

As I’m always interested in improving my home office setup, I’ve spent quite a bit of time there drawing inspiration from other enthusiasts’ configurations.

I even posted my own for feedback (I’ve no idea why I don’t keep my monitors together, but my desk could probably still use a tidy!)

Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (4)

I’ve been following this subreddit so closely, in fact, that I’ve even stashed a selection of my favorites in Google Photos — and used to order a photo album of some of them!

To give you a flavor of what’s in store (warning, the subreddit is weirdly addictive), here are some favorites.

Check them out — and get ready to plan your next upgrade!

Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (5)


I love the massively wide table that this guy (or girl) has position on three trellises and its polished appearance (it’s described as a 12ft American walnut butcher block desk — that’s 3.66 meters!)

My first workstation table was a humble Linnmon / Adils combo from IKEA — which worked great until the table started warping and the mount looked like it was ready to burst through the table at any moment!

I swapped it out for a 200 x 75 cm chunk of solid wood which I bought in a local DIY store and it’s been rock solid ever since.

But this desk, at more than three and a half meters, puts mine to shame!

Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (6)


This Redditor says that he “owns a travel agency and works as a real estate photographer.”

But judging by the post title, acoustic paneling, and mixer on the desk he is into audio production too!

Although there’s no evidence of natural light, which I would find offputting, I love how spacious this setup looks.

My home office has several of these components (couch, light, desk, speakers) but is cramped into about a quarter the size (at most).

Down with tiny Jerusalem apartments!

Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (7)


This setup is described by the poster as a “48 core 3D rendering workstation with triple 4K [monitors]”

The poster describes himself as a “3D artist” and adds that “the programs used are very demanding” — necessitating separate machines for various stages of the workflow.

But what’s with that ….. exposed computer mounted to the wall you may be wondering?

The poster says that the three computers are “all connected to the main rig (desktop) on the bottom right.”

It’s not clear whether the poster uses a KVM, Synergy, or both to toggle the input sources.

But …. if you’re doing this, you should buy yourself some KVM switches …. and pay for a Synergy license, which is well worth the investment.

Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (8)
Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (9)

Source 1 / Source 2

I absolutely love dense urban planning and skyscrapers. I find something oddly comforting about being surrounded by tall buildings and signs of vibrant urban life. Maybe it’s the feeling of anonymity it provides? The feeling of being part of something big, like a huge metropolis?

Whatever the answer to that, I can think of nothing better than working in a room with a view like this.

That’s Atlanta, Georgia, by the way in the first picture and Long Island City in the second.

Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (10)
Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (11)

Source 1 / Source 2

If high-rises don’t do it for you, then perhaps this beautiful scenery would?

Location 1: Traverse City, Michigan. Location 2: Atlanta (again) surprisingly.

Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (12)


This post was entitled “A week after I move out, my Dad has taken over my old room.”

I think this guy’s dad strikes a nice balance between modern workstation and old school charm — mechanical keyboard enthusiasts will immediately spot the IBM Model M on the right.

What impressed me more, though, was the comfortable L-shaped desk and the fact that the guy has set up two different computers on either side of it.

Once I have more home office square footage to play around with I would love to set up a distraction-free non-internet-connected secondary desktop/laptop whose sole purpose is for capturing drafts.

Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (13)
Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (14)

Source 1

Source 2 (a doctor’s lodgings in a hospital)

Another weird future aspiration of mine: rent an office with a bed in it!

This looks like the poster’s apartment but — besides being surrounded by skyscrapers — how nice is it to roll into bed after a grueling day’s work?

Okay, probably not the healthiest or most work-life-balance-friendly option out there but if this guy or girl has to pass out the sofa bed is waiting!

Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (15)


Him-and-her battlestations are another recurrent theme on /r/battlestations., particularly among the gaming crowd which makes up the vast majority of the posters.

This one is a little too heavy on the RGB (artificial lighting) for my liking, but otherwise it looks like a cozy setup.

You know what they say — couples that battlestation together stay together!

Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (16)


I’ve yet to experience life (truly) on the road.

But if this can be fit comfortably into a camper van, then I’m all in.

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If you’re the proud owner of one of these workstations and I got something wrong, or you have another need to get in touch, please do so here.

Some great workstations from /r/battlestations (2024)


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