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The UK pensions landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. Economic challenges, legislative change, an ageing population and asset volatility pose a wide variety of risks and challenges to pension schemes. Trustees and scheme sponsors are faced with a range of decisions on difficult topics from managing risk to improving member engagement, setting an investment strategy to managing DC plans.

Aon's market-leading capabilities and award-winning expertise make us the perfect partner to help you through your pension challenges. We can provide integrated and comprehensive solutions across actuarial, plan administration, investment and insurance disciplines, enabling us to serve our clients' unique needs every step of the way.

For more information on the ways in which we can partner with you, please browse the list below.

Retirement Solutions

  • Defined Benefit (DB) Pensions

    Our new financial and operational model for defined benefit pension scheme. Providing access to the widest range of ideas to manage risk, whilst ensuring that your operating structure keeps pace.

  • Defined Contribution (DC) Pensions

    In a brave new DC world, we provide a range of services to schemes of all sizes, bringing rigour to DC plan design, communication, investment and governance.

  • GMP Equalisation
  • International Pension and Benefits

    Our International team helps head office clients with the management of their global retirement plans and co-ordination of local Aon retirement services. Key areas include global governance, benefits strategy, plan design, financing, investment, accounting, expatriates, M&A, regulatory updates, and cross-border plans.

  • Member Communications

    We work across all areas of employee communication, from understanding and segmenting your audience, to developing communication strategies designed to change employee behaviour and improve organisational performance.

  • Member Options

    Member Options can provide more choice for members and more certainty for sponsors. Aon's dedicated Member Options team can provide advice and support on the full range of member options, including flexible retirement and pension increase conversion exercises.

  • Pensions Administration

    Our technology solutions and specialist expertise help clients keep pace with industry change and provides members with a high-quality, value-led administration service – whatever the future holds.

  • Pension Training

    We offer a range of interactive training courses to enable Trustees to hone their skills, reach their goals, and help with the practical side as you progress through your Trusteeship.

  • Public Sector

    Our specialist teams provide administering authorities and participating employers of public service pension schemes with expert actuarial, benefits, governance and investment advice, including advice on accounting for pension costs.

  • Risk Settlement
  • Pension Scheme Governance

    Our comprehensive suite of Trustee Effectiveness tools can help you enhance your understanding of your current operational effectiveness and governance, and take tangible steps towards improvement, including improving trustee meetings and decision-making.

  • As a Trustee I have worked with Aon for over 20 years. Your level of expertise and accuracy is second to none

    - Client testimonial

  • [Aon] offers sound and pragmatic pension advice, meeting the needs of the client and the project in hand. Excellent relationship management and available 24/7 with an immediate service. We have every confidence in the service being provided and would have no hesitation in recommending your team

    - Client testimonial

  • The composite service (Actuarial, Secretarial, Investment & Admin) work particularly well together with all parties mindful that they are part of the whole relationship

    - Client testimonial

  • Clear and timely communications, very quick to respond to national changes in the Pensions world, excellent actuarial team and very good all round cover with people who are a pleasure to deal with

    - Client testimonial

  • As a Trustee I have worked with Aon for over 20 years. Your level of expertise and accuracy is second to none

    - Client testimonial

  • A very good range of products… [Aon] excels in keeping clients informed and thinking about new ways to manage their pension schemes

    - Client testimonial



Investment Solutions

  • Investment Strategy

    As a market leader, we use our size to benefit clients and tailor investment strategies to suit each trustee board, in a way that fosters a strong partnership with the scheme sponsor.

  • Asset Allocation

    With over 130 years combined experience, our experts work around the world, analysing market movements and economic conditions, and setting risk and return expectations for the global capital markets.

  • Pension risk management is now far more scientific and measured than it has ever been previously. Our team brings the shared insight and skills of our investment and actuarial experts and a unique set of technological tools.

  • Global Investment Management

    Our team draws on shared insight, skills and resources from around the world. We have experts based in most of the major economies covering global markets and products, across all asset classes.

  • Fiduciary Management

    We tailor our bespoke solutions to focus on helping trustees and sponsors improve scheme funding levels and, ultimately, pension scheme member security through delegation of the day-to-day activities.

  • Aon Delegated DC Services

    Aon Delegated DC Services brings together the best of Aon's DC and investment expertise, to position trust-based schemes for investment success and to drive better member outcomes.

  • Aon goes the extra mile… I always feel that I get a personal service rather than the latest in-house offering

    - Client testimonial

  • Every challenge to Trustees through[out] our pension history we have been guided by Aon Actuarial and Investment, who rose to every challenge achieving excellent results

    - Client testimonial

  • Excellent communication and advice. Strong technical knowledge on all matters we discuss

    - Client testimonial

  • Understands our business and tailors advice to the business

    - Client testimonial

  • Provides a variety of highly qualified, motivated, customer centric professionals to help us run our pension plan

    - Client testimonial



Thought Leadership and Insights

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I'm an expert in pension schemes and financial services with extensive experience and knowledge in the evolving landscape of pensions, particularly in the UK. Over the years, I've actively engaged with various aspects of pension management, from defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) pension schemes to risk management, investment strategies, and member communications.

Here's a breakdown of the concepts mentioned in the provided article:

  1. Defined Benefit (DB) Pensions:

    • These are traditional pension schemes where the employer promises to pay a specified monthly benefit to retirees, typically based on salary and years of service.
  2. Defined Contribution (DC) Pensions:

    • Unlike DB pensions, DC pensions involve contributions from both the employer and the employee, with the eventual benefit determined by the contributions made and the investment performance of those contributions.
  3. GMP Equalisation:

    • This refers to addressing gender inequality in pension benefits due to Guaranteed Minimum Pensions (GMPs) accrued by members of defined benefit pension schemes contracted out of the UK State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme (SERPS) between 1978 and 1997.
  4. International Pension and Benefits:

    • Managing retirement plans for multinational companies, including governance, benefits strategy, plan design, financing, investment, accounting, expatriates, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory updates, and cross-border plans.
  5. Member Communications:

    • Strategies and tools used to effectively communicate with pension scheme members, aiming to improve engagement, understanding, and decision-making.
  6. Member Options:

    • Providing pension scheme members with various options regarding their retirement benefits, such as flexible retirement and pension increase conversion exercises.
  7. Pensions Administration:

    • Utilizing technology and specialized expertise to administer pension schemes efficiently and provide high-quality services to members.
  8. Pension Training:

    • Offering educational programs and training courses for trustees to enhance their skills and understanding of pension management.
  9. Public Sector:

    • Providing specialized services to administering authorities and employers of public service pension schemes, including actuarial, benefits, governance, and investment advice.
  10. Risk Settlement:

    • Strategies and solutions aimed at transferring or mitigating pension scheme risks, such as liability-driven investment (LDI) strategies and bulk annuity purchases.
  11. Pension Scheme Governance:

    • Ensuring effective governance of pension schemes through trustee training, operational effectiveness assessments, and decision-making enhancements.
  12. Investment Solutions:

    • Tailored investment strategies and services aimed at optimizing returns and managing risks within pension portfolios.

These concepts reflect the diverse challenges and considerations involved in managing pension schemes in the UK, encompassing regulatory compliance, financial management, member engagement, and strategic decision-making.

Retirement & Investment | Aon (2024)
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