Announcing: Alpha 21 Streamer Weekend Application (2024)

Announcing: Alpha 21 Streamer Weekend Application (1)

Hey Survivors,

Alpha 21 draws closer every day as the devs make steady progress towards the impending experimental release. While that work continues, we are once again preparing to team with our streamer community to show Alpha 21 to a larger audience through a pre-release Streamer Weekend event. We know that there are many streamers out there who have played our game for their audiences and who would love to be a part of this event, including some who didn’t qualify for the A20 event who can hopefully qualify to join us this time for A21.

We are now accepting applications for review.

For Returning Streamers

If you were part of the A20 Streamer Weekend, then you already qualify for the A21 Streamer Weekend. An invitation will be posted in the Green Room (private section of the forum) to join the new Discord server, which replaces the Green Room used for earlier streamer events. All you need to do to confirm you will participate is to join the Discord server, and set your nickname to match the name you stream under. We figure you will want to hype up the event to your viewers, but you don't need to send a link to us to verify who you are. If for some reason you change your mind after joining and don't want to be part of the event this time, please send me a message and I will remove you from the list.

For New Streamers

1. In order to qualify, you must have at least 5,000 followers on Twitch or 5,000 subscribers on Youtube. Gamers on other streaming platforms will be evaluated on a case by case basis, with verifiable viewership being a key factor.

If you are a partnered Twitch streamer, then that automatically qualifies you, regardless of followers.

If you participated in the 7DtD Twitch Extension test, then that automatically qualifies you, regardless of followers (you must use the Twitch Extension during the event if this is the only way you qualify).

2. You must make an account on this forum, using a name & email associated with your streamer channel.

3. Send me a private message that you want to apply. Include a link to your channel, your spoken language, and country of residence.

4. If I tell you you qualify, you must announce in a video (or a recorded clip from a stream) on your channel that you will be showing early footage of A21. We don't have a firm date yet, but you can just tell them it is going to be happening soon. This video is part of our verification that the person applying actually controls the channel, as well as to help generate buzz for A21.

5. Send me a private message with a link to your announcement video, cued up to where you make the announcement if part of a longer video.

6. If we verify the announcement video, I will invite you to our Streamer Weekend Discord server (new for A21), where all announcements regarding the event will be made, including the password to access A21 on the first day of the event. I will also add you to the public list.


1. We reserve the right to exclude anyone from the event, if we believe they won’t represent the game or the company well.

2. This is not a drawing. Qualification is based on meeting the criteria, and not down to chance.

2.IMPORTANT: We are not giving the game away for free for this event. The password you will be given is to download the A21 update, not a Steam key for the game itself. We want people who have actually played before and know what they're doing when they show A21. If you want to stream during the event but have never played 7 Days to Die, please get the game and play for a few weeks on A20.

3. When you join the Discord server, set your nickname to match the name you stream under. Then I can assign you the “Twitch” or “Youtube” role in Discord.

Streamer Weekend FAQ

Q: When is Alpha 21 coming out, and when will the Streamer Weekend participants get access to it?

A: When it's ready. Don't claim specific dates when hyping the event to your viewers. Some streamers did this in the past, and it makes everyone look bad. Monitor the Discord server for updates. We hope to provide the date the Monday or Tuesday before the event, but sometimes things happen. The public release of Alpha 21 experimental will happen on a Monday. The Streamer Weekend participants will get it the Friday/Saturday before that, so they have roughly the full weekend for streaming (more or less, depending on timezone).

Q: If I make the Streamer Weekend team, how do I access A21?

A: We will post the password to the invitation-only Discord server, on the day of the event (a Friday). Full instructions are provided there but briefly, in Steam you will right click on the game and go to Properties -> Betas -> Beta access code to enter the password, which will make the A21 experimental build appear in the list of betas you can opt into.

Q: What if I don’t have 5,000 followers or subscribers, but I’m super loyal and I really want to stream A21 early?

A: Please don’t apply if you don’t meet the criteria detailed above. We encourage you to do all you can to hype up and advertise your channel to get your follower/subscriber count up before the application period ends. If you can’t reach 5,000 for A21, we plan to do this again for A22 and wewelcome you to try again.

Q: Do you have to have a presence on both Youtube and Twitch? What if I use a different provider?

A: You only have to have a presence on one site, where we can go to your channel via your link and see your viewership numbers and later your announcement video. We chose followers on Twitch and subscribers on Youtube because those are the most easily publicly viewable metrics. We will evaluate alternative sites for streaming games on a case by case basis, with verifiable viewership being a key factor.

Q: If the game is ready for streamers to show it, isn’t it ready for all of us to play it?

A: We know many players are excited to download and play A21 as soon as possible. The build the streamers play is effectively a release candidate for A21 experimental.Logistically, while some developers are on hand to address showstoppers over the weekend, we want to release the experimental build to the whole community on a Monday (whichever Monday that turns out to be), so that the whole team will be available to efficiently work on fixes for the bugs that can arise when a huge number of people opt in to test it. In the meantime, we hope you will post your feedback on what you see, and help us catch things that might be simple to fix before the public release of A21 experimental the following Monday.

Q: Why are streamers getting special treatment? Didn’t I pay for early access?

A: All of our customers who have paid for early access are getting the early access that they paid for. At the same time, TFP has long acknowledged the hugely beneficial role of streamers all over the world in today’s game industry and game media. These streamer events have only gotten more popular over time, which is good for creating buzz and ultimately good for business.Being able to reach potentially hundreds of thousands of viewers over the weekend to get the word out that A21 is finally here is a powerful and amazing tool we want to use. Allowing the streamers to show early footage of an update is something of great value to us and to them. We love all of our fans, and we hope you all will love the A21 update when you get to play it. Plus, for those who enjoy this sort of media, it is a great deal of fun that we want to Pimp out to all of you.

Q: What if I usually stream with others? Can they get access as well?

A: Yes. Co-op is a big part of 7 Days to Die, so we allow Streamer Weekend participants to share access with people they trust that they want to play with for their stream.These guest players who are not streamers for the event may not use their access to go play A21 by themselves. Nor may they post A21 content on their own channels during the event.

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Twitch Extension testers must use it(see edit history)

Announcing: Alpha 21 Streamer Weekend Application (2024)


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